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“Andrew has fundamentally changed the way we tell our business story. It has helped us win new clients and it’s transforming our culture on the inside too.”

Steve Connolly, Chairman, Poole Dick

“Andrew’s storytelling workshops have helped the teams by giving technically trained experts more confidence to connect with their clients and colleagues on a human level. The feedback has been very positive; it has created a vibe in the organisation!”

Magdalena Rijk Czaplinski, Learning Consultant VP, Swiss Re

“Easily the best course I had all week. Not only was Andrew…an excellent instructor…his energy in a way captivated us for the whole day.”

Copenhagen Conference, Big 4 consulting firm

“Andrew recently hosted our Raise the Bar Leadership Conference and did a superb job. Andrew has a real speciality in identifying the golden thread from the various sessions, speakers and storytellers and is able to relate specific examples to them. An articulate, polished, yet personal presenter. Would fully recommend him.”

Paul Taylor, Head of Learning & OD, Alternative Futures Group

“Andrew has been pivotal in the transformation of my confidence and ability to engage with others in business environments and personally.”

Hassan Ahmad, Senior Treasury Analyst, Cheshire

“Andrew is an entertaining and engaging speaker with a lot to offer. Hearing that many successful storytellers adopt a ‘Big Picture’, ‘Machinery’ and ‘Library’ approach to building their narratives was illuminating.”

Phil Nash, Trade Capture Administrator, Bank of New York BNY Mellon

“Thanks to Andrew’s foresight, insight and logic my talk was a tremendous success. If you’re required to speak in order to get something done, the outcome will be better if you sit down with Andrew and go through his process.”

Kusal Ariyawansa, IFA, Appleton Gerrard Private Wealth Management



If you are interested in engaging Andrew please contact him via email at Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery or call 07968 083376