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Andrew acts as a facilitator where companies are looking to refresh their brand story and find a new vision/mission.  In addition, he employs facilitation, interviewing and storytelling skills to act as a conference host.

A catalyst for change

When you’re close to a problem it’s hard to see the solution. That’s why an external perspective can help – someone to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions and tap into the wisdom in the room. Andrew brings a fresh approach and an energy to team discussions and conferences. He can help you cut through the fog and clarify your message, but all the while encouraging you to come up with answers you perhaps knew all along.

With Andrew’s help you will leave the room more optimistic, enthusiastic and motivated than before, with a stack of ideas and initiatives which may just take your business to the next level.


You may wish to establish a stronger sense of identity for your business, with some clear values, a vision and a sense of purpose. Through a facilitated workshop Andrew can help you define not just what you do but who you are, and assist you in communicating this verbally. This helps potential clients AND employees to feel good about hiring you or being hired!

“Andrew recently hosted our ‘Raising the Bar’ leadership conference and did a superb job. He identified the ‘golden thread’ from the various sessions…an articulate and polished speaker.”

Paul Taylor, Alternative Futures Group


If you are interested in engaging Andrew please contact him via email at Buying Tramadol Uk or call 07968 083376


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