Project Description


Clients can benefit greatly from one-to-one coaching, developing their individual narrative and the skill to articulate it well in specific situations – pitching, networking, speeches or interviews.


A young executive, temporarily unemployed, joined a public speaking group run by Andrew in Manchester. Richard was keen to develop his speaking skills but his challenge was a speech impediment which often affected his performance in interviews or other stressful situations.

In his first workshop, Richard presented a 5-minute talk and mentioned his fund-raising work in aid of a national charity. He had cycled from Manchester to Paris (dressed as a butler) and secured support from coffee chain Costa Coffee on the way.

Andrew encouraged him to use stories like this in interviews and as a result Richard secured employment. Some weeks later he spoke at another event organised by Andrew – with virtually no evidence of his stutter.


Andrew had a request from a professional services firm to help one of their young executives (let’s call him Geoff) with his presentation skills. At their first meeting Andrew realised the young man actually had a different problem – Geoff didn’t think he was interesting and therefore struggled with small talk during dinners and networking events.

With a bit of coaxing Geoff revealed he’d been looking after his 2-year old niece but couldn’t see how that might interest anyone. But a nugget emerged when he talked about being a fast eater, in contrast to the toddler. Apparently, at mealtimes she stopped eating when he finished his food and the only way he could get her to have a decent meal was to slow down the pace of his own eating. “Do you mean you’ve been taught a lesson in how to eat properly by a two-year old?” asked Andrew.

Geoff liked that story, began to use it in small talk situations and won people over. Quite unexpectedly, his story also touched a very shy woman in his office who subsequently opened up and became Geoff’s new girlfriend!

“Andrew has fundamentally changed the way we tell our business story. It has helped us win new clients and it’s transforming our culture on the inside too.”

Steve Connolly, Chairman, Poole Dick


If you are interested in engaging Andrew please contact him via email at or call 07968 083376