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Once you’ve got some great material to share with people (your story) you need the skill and confidence to articulate it well, in multiple situations. Andrew often splits these into two categories:


Pre-prepared presentations (you have time to prepare, you have the floor, it’s more monologue than dialogue).


Spontaneous speaking situations (you’re put on the spot, you have to think on your feet, drawing on your knowledge bank. It’s a two-way conversation).

Through group workshops or individual coaching Andrew can help you deliver your message in a way that is meaningful to your audience and simultaneously sells you (the messenger).

This is very much about reading people and situations so you draw on an ever-expanding library of material which furthers your cause. Adaptability is the key, allowing you to weave your message into a prepared pitch or conversation and create a connection with others.

  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • The Art of Conversation
  • Storytelling as an Influencing Skill
  • Interview Skills
  • Improvise and adapt through your Story Library

Prestigious organisations like reinsurer Swiss Re and two of the Big 4 consulting firms have engaged Andrew to deliver storytelling sessions for their executives as far afield as Istanbul, Munich, Prague, New York and Chicago.

In most cases companies are looking for ways to communicate their ‘difference’ and demonstrate the added value they deliver. Their employees are highly skilled technicians and deliver an excellent service.

However, according to TEDx speaker and restaurateur Bob Stuckey ‘service’ is what we expect; it’s ‘hospitality’ that really makes a mark, those many and varied ways we make the client feel special, valued, understood and empowered.

Andrew illustrates ‘hospitality’ through stories which in turn inspire his workshop delegates to share related experiences of their own.

Private Coaching

Individuals can make great strides through one-to-one coaching sessions with Andrew. This might involve developing their story, their skill in communicating it or some strategies for promoting themselves through public speaking, networking, interviews or social media.

Public Meetups

From time to time Andrew hosts public workshops in storytelling and communication skills. These may be based on his Speakeasy concept, where delegates can test-drive a sales pitch on a small audience and receive helpful feedback. Mojo Meetups are occasionally held to encourage business owners and professionals to sell themselves with more confidence and adopt the storytelling approach.

“Andrew’s storytelling workshops have helped the teams by giving technically trained experts more confidence to connect with their clients and colleagues on a human level. The feedback has been very positive; it has created a vibe in the organisation!”

Magdalena Rijk Czaplinski, Learning Consultant VP, Swiss Re


If you are interested in engaging Andrew please contact him via email at Buying Tramadol Uk or call 07968 083376


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