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This is where Andrew works closely with you to develop a better story for your product, your company and you as an individual.

This includes the development of a Story Library (particularly helpful in unplanned situations) and initiatives to capture stories from your employees.


Initially most of Andrew’s work was focused on a company’s external marketing message. By giving them a better story and the skill to tell it well, clients were able to gain and convert more leads.

But over the years he discovered the power and influence of storytelling within organisations, as a tool for driving change, developing skills and engaging a workforce. It truly is an Inside-Out phenomenon.

A new story

In 2014 Andrew was approached by the MD of quantity surveyors Poole Dick; they wanted help to find an inspiring vision for the company.


It’s no good having a great story to tell if no one is hearing it, or sharing it. The power of storytelling is when it starts to spread.

Explore self-publishing and pull marketing strategies with Andrew’s help. This might involve speaking platforms, blogging, social media and internal messaging systems to help you leverage the power of your story.

Content Creation

Sometimes companies find it difficult to find stories from within. Through workshops and coaching Andrew can help you harvest some of the micro stories which exist in your organisation. These are the daily contributions your staff are making to the business; they convey the value you create to the outside world as well as helping your own people connect with the strategic goals of the organisation.


As part of an on-going assignment for quantity surveyors Poole Dick, Andrew wrote most of the copy for their website, established a blog called ‘Poole Dick Insights’ and created a short video for the firm as part of a pitch for a building project. This work was all geared towards de-commoditising their brand, crucial in a competitive sector based on tender bids.

Other writing assignments

Andrew is a prolific writer, having published several paper and e-books on topics ranging from sport, networking and the use of storytelling as an influencing skill. He has written articles for the Huffington Post and publishes regular pieces on his own LinkedIn site.

“Andrew has fundamentally changed the way we tell our business story. It has helped us win new clients and it’s transforming our culture on the inside too.”

Steve Connolly, Chairman, Poole Dick


If you are interested in engaging Andrew please contact him via email at Tramadol Ordering Online or call 07968 083376


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