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This course is designed for people who have something to promote – a product, service, idea, organisation or even their labour – but who don’t want to be pushy. They probably don’t consider themselves to be a ‘natural’ sales person but nonetheless they want to achieve some results.

Fortunately, the storytelling approach helps you to sell without it feeling like selling at all! For our purposes, storytelling doesn’t mean simply telling an anecdote – it’s about helping you frame and deliver your message in a way that truly does justice to whatever you’re promoting.

As well as buying your message your audience will find it easier to buy you too, and that means deeper, stronger relationships and a more human way of doing business.

This course is mostly about verbal communication, but the same principles and techniques will also help you with the written word (articles, proposals and social media posts).

Six reasons to embrace the storytelling approach (audio clip)

Listen below to an extract form ‘Six reasons to embrace the storytelling approach’.

Who can benefit?
  • Business owners – stand out from your competitors, move people to buy, build a brand.
  • Managers and leaders – engage and motivate your teams.
  • Job seekers – tell a better story to get (and nail) an interview.
  • Away from work – grow in confidence, build and maintain better relationships.
How the course works

This online course (comprising 5 modules) works on the basis of self-directed ‘asynchronous’ learning. In simple terms, you study in your own time, at your own pace – but complete the course within THREE months.

Here’s a link to the Course details (PDF).

STORYTELLING COURSE Flexible online learning
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“I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew’s work to literally anyone who ever talks to other people!”

Sarah-Jane Loveday, Head of Communications at FIND, Geneva


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