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Andrew Thorp is an award-winning consultant and trainer, specialising in communication. We help SME’s and larger organisations get their message across through their key people, coaching leaders and representatives to tell a great story about their product and business when they’re ‘on show’. We describe this as ‘Verbal PR’.

You may wish to:

  • Stand out from your rivals (your current message is unremarkable).
  • Be more persuasive when you need to be (more ‘conversion’).
  • Have more impact when you meet people.
  • Get your message to spread more effectively.
  • Win over your workforce (eg to drive cultural or strategic change).

If you’ve got a great story to tell and the ability to tell it well, you have every chance of achieving this. But if you’re delivering a bland, factual explanation you’ll leave people cold and unmoved. That’s not a story; it’s just information. training, individual coaching or content creation.

Keynote speaking

Andrew Thorp is an award-winning speaker and has appeared on many business & educational platforms in the UK and overseas. His specialism is the use of storytelling as a tool for brand communication and internal culture change.

Bespoke consultancy and training

You may want to improve the communication skills of key personnel, devise a content marketing strategy, create some presentation material or develop a fresh business vision. All these require a bespoke solution and this may involve a mixture of consultancy, group training, individual coaching or content creation.