When companies are doing extraordinary work but refer to themselves as “dedicated solutions providers” you know there’s a crisis in corporate communication! It’s cold, bland and entirely forgettable – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a communications consultant and trainer, I help companies put some ‘zing’ in their message. I’m interested in the story you’re telling about yourselves – the difference you’re making to people. But I’m also keen to help you tell it better so you make an impact when it matters. That way people are more likely to notice you and buy from you.

Through my company MojoLife and our training concept Speakeasy Groups, I’ll work with you in areas like:

  • public speaking & presenting
  • networking
  • copywriting
  • blogging
  • social media strategy.

These are all ways of connecting externally with your audience and driving more sales.

But I also help you communicate within your organisation. MojoLife uses a story-sharing methodology which drives employee engagement and creates a rich library of material to support your main story.

This is the ‘mojo’ approach and our team of internationally experienced consultants have been working with clients like KPMG, the European Parliament, General Medical Council, Pannone, Beaverbrooks and the Academy for Chief Executives to encourage a new story-based approach to communication.

Why Mojo?

It’s a great word, isn’t it? It has an African derivation (meaning ‘magic’) but more commonly it’s associated with inner-confidence and magnetism. Individuals like Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver and Melinda Gates have oodles of it, and they attract followers. So do companies like Innocent, Google and Pixar – the strength of their brand stems from their belief in what they’re doing…and their story. Are you telling a great story about your business?

We bring more mojo to your business with:


1. Presentation & public speaking training: combining Speakeasy Groups™ -More

2. Presentation slide design: Beautiful, compelling presentations that tell your story.-More

3. Copywriting: Engaging content that delivers a compelling message.-More

4. Speech writing: Helping you to make an impact with your audience.-More

5. Keynote speaking: Inspiring speakers for your corporate events.-More

6. Marketing consultancy: Helping you to define your message and craft your story.-More

7. Learning & development partnership: The L&D department you can afford!-More

8. Leadership & influencing skills: Helping you to lead with mojo’- engage & inspire.-More

9. Networking skills: influencing skills for business and career development.-More

You’ll find a full list of all the training courses we offer here.


More mojo, more opportunities, more business…

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