It was great to interview Sian Cardy and Stefano Capacchione from Puck Creations for the ‘Leaning Forward’ podcast recently. It’s an episode with a decidedly international flavour, not least because they live in The Netherlands and one is Irish and the other English with an Italian surname!

We discuss various aspects of brand communication and how to tell a story about your business that really stands out.

Sian tells a lovely story (at 44.00) about a significant moment, at International Women’s Day in Eindhoven three years ago, where she realised their new business concept was working.

It’s such a powerful communication technique to zero in on a moment when you’re trying to educate your audience – much better than using generalisms and abstract language.

Tune into this episode and gain some valuable insights from this likeable duo.

04.50: The ‘Storytelling with Puck’ initiative
11.00: The story behind Puck Creations
21.50: Customer-led thinking (the story ‘pulls’; irritation vs agitation)
27.15: Keeping your employees connected during lockdown
29.10: The importance of asking questions
35.07: Safe is risky (not everyone has to like you)
38.10: Just be YOU!
41.05: Look outside your own environment (power of ‘weak ties’)
44.00: “The moment I knew it was working” (International Women’s Day)
48.30: Hopes for 2021.