Huge thank you to Kirsty James for her amazing insights on networking skills at the recent JOT event at the Wilmslow Conference Centre (Total Fitness, Handforth). I consider myself a networking veteran but I learned so much from her, and the other delegates who shared their networking experiences, good and bad!

Just One Thing (JOT) is a growing community of people who meet to discuss personal development topics (especially ‘soft influencing’ skills). We seek to raise the profile of such skills and stimulate a desire to self-improve.

Kirsty is one of a number of experts in her field who agree to share their experiences and wisdom from the JOT stage.

The format we currently use came from a few experimental events last year; we’ve now settled on a mixture of presentation, guest interview, group exercises and lively discussion. Events usually fill a week or two before the session, with a maximum capacity of 30.

JOT is not a networking event – that implies people go there primarily to develop new business opportunities (and sell). You’ll certainly meet and connect with some interesting people, but if you do attend please leave your business development hat at home!

These events are really facilitated discussions around personal development. They help us learn more about ourselves, stimulating an interest in self-improvement which will have an impact in our work and personal lives.